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Tantra for Teens

“True Colors“, a ground-breaking annual conference for sexual minority youth, convened for its 10th anniversary in Hartford, Connecticut, March 21 and 22, 2003. This conference, formerly called “Children from the Shadows”, has served as a potent instrument of social change and expansion in our culture’s attitudes toward non-conventional sexual identities and preferences. Ten years ago,

A Host of Psychotherapeutic Modalities

We have been on the path of personal growth since the beginning of our relationship in 1972. Our academic training reflects this interest: Brian’s bachelor’s work at Eastern Connecticut State University was in Sociology and Applied Social Relations, his Masters in Social Work from the University of Connecticut; Holly’s bachelor’s work at Goddard College was

Are You Ready for the New Sexual Revolution?

Western Culture Embraces Tantra Yet another wonderfully liberating paradigm shift is occurring in the realm of sexuality. Not since the ’60s has such a quantum leap in our openness to exploring this mystery taken place. And this leap promises to open doors to experience that we western world humans have rarely imagined as even possible.

What is Tantra?

With the accelerating interest in Tantra today, more people are becoming familiar with the term, but have no real feeling for what it refers to. Television shows such as “Sex in the City”, movies such as “American Pie 2″, and celebrities such as Sting are all contributing to a mainstreaming of the word. When asked,

Why Tantra Now?

Since the Sexual Revolution of the ’60s, western culture has increasingly embraced sexuality as a normal part of being human. We have come a long way from the days of the double standard for men and women, and rigid views of acceptable couplings. As a culture, we have developed a strong theoretical understanding and tolerance

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