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Brian Ahern, LCSW and Holly Rawson, LPCWe are Brian Ahern, LCSW and Holly Rawson, LPC, counselors in private practice and Certified SkyDancing Tantra Teachers. As a married couple, together for over 30 years, discovering the secrets to marital bliss has been our most inspiring focus. With extensive training and personal experience in a host of psychotherapeutic modalities, we have found SkyDancing Tantra to be an extraordinarily effective route to deepening love and intimacy in our own relationship.

Our private practice has always been a reflection of our own growth process.

We offer our clients the tried and true methods that pass the test of our personal laboratory. Disseminating information about SkyDancing Tantra, and Tantra in general, is a joyful process. Witnessing other couples deepening their love and intimacy and delighting in each other is a source of endless affirmation in the power of love. As parents of grown children who have been some of our greatest teachers, and co-founders of Greenwood Sudbury School, we relish dialoguing with parents about the challenges and gifts our children bring to us.

Tantra is an inspiring frame through which to view all of our loving relationships in its encouragement to find appreciation, trust and joy in every aspect of our lives. The tradition of honoring our dear ones as Beloveds and feeling the divinity within each one of us is a powerful resource for parenting from clarity and love.

As Certified Teachers of SkyDancing Tantra, we are students of Margot Anand, internationally recognized Skydancing Tantra Teacher and author of “The Art of Sexual Ecstasy” and “The Art of Everyday Ecstasy” among other titles. We are committed to our own spiritual path and sharing our evolving understanding of the universe with fellow seekers.

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Ecstatic Marriage and Family Institute of Fenton River Center

Brian Ahern and Holly Rawson
667 Chaffeeville Road
Storrs, CT 06268

Tel: 860-429-7945

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