SkyDancing Tantra Weekend Retreat

In this introductory weekend, we will practice tapping into Love for both self and other, strengthening our skill in defining our boundaries and honoring others.  Through fun and safe processes, we will practice our connection with and awareness of energy within our chakras, and sharing energy with others.  Learning to relax the body, through awareness,

An Introductory Evening to SkyDancing Tantra

April 25, 2014 7-9pm Friday Location: TBA, Atlanta, GA Tuition: $20   This gathering will be a perfect opportunity to develop a sense of Tantric practice through the SkyDancing lineage.  In an environment of safety and fun, we will explore how simple, yet profound, practices enable a deeper connection with self and other.  Exercises for

Couples Coaching: Expanding Your Loving

2 on 2 Coaching, by appointment Fee: $295/session (90 minutes) Contact Us to Schedule an Appointment! The benefit of 2 on 2 coaching is enormous. In 1 on 2 couples work, one partner often feels misunderstood and under-represented. In 2 on 2 coaching, each partner can feel supported and understood by their own coach. This

Having the Wedding You Always Imagined

Fee: by arrangement Location: within Connecticut for legal weddings anywhere for commitment ceremonies Contact us to schedule an appointment! Deciding to deepen your commitment through a ritual ceremony is a very personal process. Some want their ritual to be a small, private and simple moment with no one else in attendance. Others want to celebrate

Introduction to Tantra for Teens

Friday, March 13, 2009, 1-4pm Location: University of Connecticut, Storrs, Student Union Building Tuition: Registration through Whether you are sexually active or still waiting for that special someone, Tantra offers us a completely new view of sexuality. Unlike most spiritual traditions, east and west, that see the body as a hindrance to transcendence and

Sacred Saturdays

TBA You’ve been asking…now we’re offering! Tantra community in New England is growing, so come on over for your next step in Tantric practice as we make Saturday a Sacred Saturday. For beginners and experienced Tantrikas alike. Guaranteed to be fun, opening, expanding and enlightening! Sacred Saturdays offer a variety of beautiful rituals, including Tantra

In Praise of the Mother—Women’s SkyDancing Tantra Weekend

TBA Location: Storrs, CT Fee: $300. A deposit of $50 will reserve your space. Delicious, organic, heathful meals on Saturday and Sunday are included along with Indoor or Outdoor Camping in our beautiful meadow along the Fenton River in the Quiet Corner of northeastern Connecticut. The feminine soul grows through praise, through the recognition, acknowledgement

Ecstatic Marriage Seminar Series – 6 Week Series

TBA Location: Storrs, CT Tuition: $495/couple This series is specifically designed to efficiently and effectively build a foundation of models for enhanced communication and intimacy. These models become resources and frames of reference to practice throughout life experience, as well as highly useful tools and language throughout the counseling process. Relationships grow along with each

The Masculine Challenge

On-Going Mondays:  7-9pm Location: Storrs, CT Tuition: $50 The masculine soul grows through challenge, the challenge of knowing our purpose, our direction. Whether we are deciding how to respond to our woman in a moment of discord or deciding our career path, clarity regarding our desire and our vision is foundational. This group experience will

In Praise of the Feminine—6 Week Series

TBA Location: Storrs, CT Tuition: $300 The feminine soul grows through praise, through the recognition, acknowledgement and appreciation of her creative energy. Be it through a lovingly prepared breakfast, facilitating consensus between colleagues or writing a poem, the feminine’s gift is her manifestation as Love and Lover of Life. It is the feminine within each

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