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2 on 2 Coaching, by appointment
Fee: $295/session (90 minutes)
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The benefit of 2 on 2 coaching is enormous. In 1 on 2 couples work, one partner often feels misunderstood and under-represented. In 2 on 2 coaching, each partner can feel supported and understood by their own coach. This is a great resource that enhances safe and deep sharing. Whether the growth challenge is emotionally or sexually based, Brian and Holly offer a wealth of resources from the psychotherapeutic modalities to the empowering expansiveness of Tantra. For couples who know they want to be together, this is a fantastic opportunity to fine-tune your loving into joyful, ecstatic bliss.

* The spirit of Tantra and the profound nature of its enhancement of loving relationships is true for all, regardless of choice of sexual orientation. Our Offerings are open to everyone who seeks deeper loving in their lives.

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