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Location: Storrs, CT
Tuition: $495/couple

This series is specifically designed to efficiently and effectively build a foundation of models for enhanced communication and intimacy. These models become resources and frames of reference to practice throughout life experience, as well as highly useful tools and language throughout the counseling process.

Relationships grow along with each individual’s unfolding. What attracts us in the beginning may become the very source of frustration later on. Appreciating the masculine/ feminine dance, which means appreciating our differences along with our similarities, promotes a juicy, deeply loving and passionate relationship. As we learn to recognize the Divine in our Beloved more consistently, we experience expanding Love and delight in each other which keep on flowering through a lifetime.

We will employ some structured exercises and practices from modern psychology models such as Transactional Analysis to ancient traditions including Tantra, as well as spontaneous group process. We have a lot of fun!

* The spirit of Tantra and the profound nature of its enhancement of loving relationships is true for all, regardless of choice of sexual orientation. Our Offerings are open to everyone who seeks deeper loving in their lives.

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