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Location: Storrs, CT
Tuition: $300

The feminine soul grows through praise, through the recognition, acknowledgement and appreciation of her creative energy. Be it through a lovingly prepared breakfast, facilitating consensus between colleagues or writing a poem, the feminine’s gift is her manifestation as Love and Lover of Life. It is the feminine within each of us, woman and man, who reminds us to live life fully, in this moment now, embracing all that is with an open heart.

In this precious journey into the Women’s Tent, we will expand our understanding of the dance of the feminine and masculine energies, both within our self and between our self and others, including partners, children, parents, colleagues and friends. We will deepen our appreciation for our physical self and the wisdom of the body and its ability to flow Life Energy. Utilizing structured exercises and relevant reading, as well as spontaneous group process, we will practice to open in consciousness to each of life’s unfolding moments, from depression to delight.

This time together is designed to soften our habits of guarding and protecting our hearts, and deepen our capacity to give and receive Love. As our mind, body and spirit align in praise of our feminine essence, she can finally relax into who she really is in profound connection with Source.

* The spirit of Tantra and the profound nature of its enhancement of loving relationships is true for all, regardless of choice of sexual orientation. Our Offerings are open to everyone who seeks deeper loving in their lives.

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