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Friday, March 13, 2009, 1-4pm
Location: University of Connecticut, Storrs, Student Union Building
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Whether you are sexually active or still waiting for that special someone, Tantra offers us a completely new view of sexuality. Unlike most spiritual traditions, east and west, that see the body as a hindrance to transcendence and enlightenment, Tantra, an ancient spiritual path from India, embraces the body as a most wonderful vehicle through which to practice deeper states of consciousness. Sexuality becomes a process of basking in moving energy within yourself and between you and your partner rather than a brief action or behavior that all too often results in disappointment. If you’ve heard about Sting’s 8 hour lovemaking sessions with his partner, or seen “American Pie 2″, you’ll learn what all the buzz is about in this fun, safe course for beginners.

In this course, you will learn about the process of flowing energy through the chakra system and balancing the yin/yang (female/male) energies within our individual selves and between our selves and others. Experiential exercises will be playful.

* The spirit of Tantra and the profound nature of its enhancement of loving relationships is true for all, regardless of choice of sexual orientation. Our Offerings are open to everyone who seeks deeper loving in their lives.

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