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On-Going Mondays:  7-9pm
Location: Storrs, CT
Tuition: $50

The masculine soul grows through challenge, the challenge of knowing our purpose, our direction. Whether we are deciding how to respond to our woman in a moment of discord or deciding our career path, clarity regarding our desire and our vision is foundational. This group experience will assist you in uncovering your Life’s Purpose and mobilizing your energy into Open-Hearted Presence with yourself, your loved ones and the World. We will employ structured exercises as well as spontaneous group process. This journey into the “Men’s Tent” will create a container for you to bring forth your deepest masculine essence.

An essential part of this opening occurs through an all-day intensive workshop designed to allow you to break through the shells that impede your full Open-Hearted Presence.  The all-day intensive is offered about 2 times a year.

Utilizing practices from ancient traditions including Tantra, you will learn to

  • Stand in your Integrity
  • Learn how to use your aggression creatively
  • Develop deep awareness of when you are truly Present
  • Flow more Love

* The spirit of Tantra and the profound nature of its enhancement of loving relationships is true for all, regardless of choice of sexual orientation. Our Offerings are open to everyone who seeks deeper loving in their lives.

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